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How Young Women Can Reach Business Leadership Goals

Jeanine Dames

Director of the Yale College Office of Career Strategy

“As a liberal arts college, Yale doesn’t offer an undergraduate business major; instead, our students are prepared to enter multiple careers from any major,” says Jeanine Dames, Director of the Yale College Office of Career Strategy. “My office works with our undergraduate women as they prepare to be future leaders across industries. Graduate business degrees, such as the MBA, provide vital preparation for these cross-functional management roles.”

Higher education

Universities and colleges that also offer graduate programs may be particularly helpful with a leg up. Yale’s undergraduate women exploring an interest in business, for instance, can take advantage of access to many of the resources, courses, and programs at the Yale School of Management.

 “In addition, we have a valuable partnership with the Forté Foundation,” says Dames. “Forté provides unparalleled resources for undergraduate women, and we have had tremendous success connecting our current undergraduates to the Forté Fellows within the MBA program.”

Career development

Young women steering toward lofty goals can also participate in annual events and programs from organizations like Forté that seek to build the pipeline of women into careers in business, including the College to Business Leadership Conference, the College Fast Track to Finance Conference, and the Forté Rising Stars. And without even leaving their dorm rooms, undergraduates can explore meaty business career-related content on

Start early

Here’s a key takeaway from Forté’s college student resources page: start climbing early! Women undergrads are advised to consider taking the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) before they graduate. “There are many good reasons to forge ahead and take the [GMAT] while you’re still in college, even if you intend to wait for several years before entering business school — or, for that matter, if you’re still deciding whether the MBA is in your future.” Start exploring career pathways early, take advantage of the resources at your college, and study now to get your footing for the future.

Pam Bixby, Freelance Writer, Forté Foundation, [email protected]

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