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Construction in America

Speeding Up Trust in Construction and Law

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the design and construction (A/E/C) industry is the only industry that has become less efficient and productive since 1964.  Construction jobs have great home field advantage that can create the infrastructure foundation we need for future success, but without innovation we will miss a golden opportunity.

Wrapped in legal battles

The A/E/C industry is fragmented and slow-moving. The legal industry, which drives the structural relationships in construction contracts, is even slower. The combination has us stuck in contractual silos that create confrontation that can lead to claims and litigation. Success in today’s world requires communication and collaboration.

Fueled by frustration with current results, a desire to improve and technological revolution, the industry is trying new things.

Stay true to your word

A better foundation to build requires trust, collaboration, and innovation. To build trust, you need to be understood and act according to what you’ve agreed to in letter and spirit. Your word is your bond, so use it wisely.

Speak straight to each other

Lack of communication is a common excuse for failed projects. Creating a structure in which parties must talk to one another about issues that arise leads to less litigation.

Believe in high-tech options

Innovation is what is really driving a great opportunity to change. There has never been a time when there was a greater incentive to build more efficiently. Execution is better, safer, and more valuable to the end-user when you maximize the impact of technology.

To build a better way, you have to try something new. Structure your next project to truly collaborate by building trust, encouraging the flow of timely information, and embracing the maximum power of technology.

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