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Reasons to Choose Quebec City for Your Upcoming Business Trip

Photo: Courtesy of Andre Olivier Lyra

Ann Cantin

Director of Communications, Quebec City Business Destination Head Office

What’s the most unique landmark in your city?

The historic district of Old Quebec is a true jewel. A sacred UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is where most attractions and hotels are located. Quebec City is the only North American city to have preserved its fortifications. Its small cobblestone streets, architectural heritage, and cute shops make visitors feel like they were extras on a European movie shoot.

What activities are available for corporate event attendees to participate in during free time?

Go on a boat cruise and take pictures at sunset from the St. Lawrence River. Try local microbreweries and taste regional flavors and world-inspired cuisine. Stroll on the Dufferin Terrace and enjoy street performances during warm summer nights, or try the super-fun toboggan during winter.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about your city?

From a meetings perspective, people don’t think we have the facilities or service providers to hold important meetings, but we do. Last summer, we welcomed the FBI National Academy Training Conference and its 1,000 participants, accompanied by their spouses and children, which was a huge success. We also have charming boutique hotels for smaller gatherings. If you think Canadians are so nice, you will be seduced by the French Canadians’ outstandingly warm hospitality and joie de vivre.

If you could sum up your city in one word, what would it be?

Storyful: a perfect mix between historical and beautiful! In Quebec City, we love to share stories about our culture and rich past. Nonetheless, we also have the ability to think forward thanks to our strong research community and entrepreneurial ecosystem. In short, we celebrate our European heritage as much as we embrace modernity and innovative ideas.

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