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Houston Nurse Pivots Career, Now an Aspiring Cybersecurity Pro

Marylyn Harris, RN

Writer, Social Entrepreneur and War Veteran, Founder and Executive Director, Women Veterans Business Center (Houston)

Marylyn Harris reveres being positioned among “the untraditional” in the cybersecurity industry.

Harris, a registered nurse, writer, social entrepreneur and war veteran, brings a plethora of respected skills and experiences to cybersecurity. She is the embodiment of why the digital security world must support women in the industry.

“Recruiters cannot accurately assess the entirety of who I am or the skills I possess by quickly reviewing the job titles and degrees on my resume,” Harris said. “Companies must create new metrics and assign value to diverse qualities that women pursuing cybersecurity careers possess. These skills include curiosity, problem-solving, team-building, and communication.”

A happy accident

Harris began her cybersecurity career by accident while working as a freelance journalist in 2018. 

One evening, she was invited to a networking event, which highlighted careers in IT networking and IT security. After the event ended, Harris was invited to participate in a five-day Network+ boot camp. 

She later entered a degree-granting Cybersecurity academic program and is currently studying for her IT security certification exam, and seeking job opportunities. 

Harris is the founder and executive director of the Houston-based Women Veterans Business Center. She is a 2020 WiCyS Scholar and an inaugural 2020 WiCyS Veterans Assistance Fellowship Awardee.

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