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Keeping on Top of Cybersecurity from Home

Recently, cybercriminals have upped their game and are pushing hard to fool employers with new methods to divulge private information, so managing Information Security (InfoSec) programs are becoming less effective while so many of us are working remotely.  

According to security watchdogs, cyberthreats like botnets and ransomware are on the rise again. New and improved variants are popping up with new approaches to spread their payloads. 

Some of the most aggressive cyberattacks come through employee propagating activities, such as clicking on infected links, downloading unusual attachments, and other unsecured approaches. With improper or ineffective defenses, these methods can be quietly deployed. Once a cyberattack is successful and the botnet is deployed, it can sit idle while quietly gathering information to later harm your network, company finances, or encrypting data for a ransom. Therefore, when working from home, it is critical to maintain a reasonable level of security behavior. 

Remote work raises additional security concerns as employees are no longer inside a secured company network. Here are Keep IT Simple’s best practices securing your remote workforce from cyberattacks:

  • Reset and strengthen home WiFi passwords. 
  • Enable two-factor authentication and use a password management tool. 
  • Update devices with the latest OS and security patches. 
  • Connect to the company-provided VPN. 
  • Be cautious when clicking on links. 

Remind employees they are the last line of defense for security, to keep alert, and notify your company IT team of any suspicious activities. 

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