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Making Cybersecurity Training Something Employees Want to Do

A new electronic revolution, that like earlier industrial revolutions, is already substantially changing and redefining our society.

This change is happening far faster than previous industrial revolutions. New technologies including 3D commercial production, data driven vehicles, robotics, biotechnology, and AI are blurring boundaries between physical, digital, and biological to create a new techno-reality.

This revolution is also changing criminal activity.

Even businesses that have invested heavily in cybersecurity base their investments on technology and don’t sufficiently attend to the human side of the problem. The reason employees are so important for commercial operations security is because cyber criminals know and learn from how employees operate.

And they will perform attacks on an organization, for instance, using sophisticated phishing emails — making employees the first line of defense that needs to be strengthened.

Over half of most organizations’ employees have not received effective cyber security training, so it’s no surprise that 96 percent of them still save passwords on their devices so they can remember them. And less than 24 percent of organizations have properly cyber trained their employees in the last 12 months.

Cyberattacks have cost U.S. businesses over $3.5 billion in 2019 due to cybersecurity attacks, hacks, and related security incidents and this figure is increasing. Insurer found that well over 50 percent of business had faced an attack in 2019 but that almost 75 percent of firms are ranked as early starters in terms of cyber readiness. 

Training is an issue with the whole organization, despite the fact that employee education is the best way to tackle these types of threats. But a lot of current cyber training is considered boring by employees and often faked and ignored by many.

However, employees are the ones with everyday access to many of the organization’s computers, networks and systems, which means they play an important part in building resilience in the threat landscape and this is also very important when employees work from home or outside the organizations IT security network.

But an exciting training program, like the GoCyber training program, which leverages inspiring content, social learning, gamification, and daily challenges, can drive culture and behavioral change across businesses.

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