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Keeping Teams Connected in a Remote World

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Picture it: workplaces, 2019. Where conference room pizza parties, holiday potlucks, and breakroom ping pong tournaments reigned supreme. Where you could feel the buzz of anticipation at a meeting and stop for a chat (aka office gossip) around the coffee pot. Where passive aggressive notes to clean out the fridge got increasingly less passive and more aggressive.

And then…well, you know what happened. The Year That Shall Not Be Named.

As the workforce shifted to 70 percent work from home, people-focused organizations that had worked so hard to develop a vibrant company culture saw that culture scattered to the four winds. A year out, many employers have found that their productivity is steady, and overhead is lower, but they worry that it comes at the expense of passion and connection. They are starting to see the effects of isolation and burnout on their once-energized employees.

So how do forward-thinking organizations keep the fun, connection, and culture alive in their organizations? That zing?

What does YOUR team need? Get an instant recommendation on which Bondy’s are best for you and your team!

An innovative new solution — Bondy Boxes — delivers company culture and connection wherever employees work. Employers can send custom or curated gift boxes such as a stress relief box, team-building activities, office party boxes, or snack boxes to one employee or thousands.

WFH warriors

In March 2020, Bondy co-founders Lisa Harrington and Kimberly Martinez started thinking about how to bring the best parts of the modern office into the WFH space. They had nearly 20 years of experience in leading their remote company and had developed resources designed to create energetic connections between employees and employers. The goal was to deliver solutions that engaged all five senses and deliver joy to their team. They knew they could help support leaders who were caught in the unplanned home office exodus.

And with that, Bondy was born.

Delight your employees with a box of goodies! Keep your company’s brand and culture vibrant with curated gift boxes delivered right to the doorsteps of your teams and clients.

Say it with a gift

Countless studies show that when employers commit to employee engagement, they see boosts in financial performance, employee retention, and customer service. Employee engagement is also a key part of avoiding burnout.

Bondy’s full line of employee gift, care, and team-building boxes is all about creating experiences and helping employees feel seen and connected. Whether you’re looking to coordinate a fun team-building exercise, organize a full year of birthday celebrations, host a virtual company picnic, celebrate accomplishment company-wide, or just let your team know you’re thinking about them, Bondy has a box for it.

Bondy helps you coordinate remote, team-based events in three easy steps:

  1. Start by choosing the curated gift box that fits your needs.
  2. Choose the “arrive by” date. Bondy offers free shipping with delivery in about 7-10 days. You can include “Do not open until” stickers to ensure there’s no early peeking and include a personalized gift card — both features at no additional charge!   
  3. Upload your team members’ addresses in excel and click submit. It’s that simple! 

With Bondy boxes, you and your team can have a healthy snack break, improv comedy afternoon, movie night, a cozy cocktail hour, and much more.

Need help? We gotcha. See how Bondy can help you maintain culture and connection in a remote world at bondyworld.com.

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