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Learning Is Continuous, So Shouldn’t Performance Be Too?

Matthew Brown

VP Learning & Brand Success, Schoox

Traditionally, performance management has been a point-in-time event that happens annually or bi-annually alongside merit increases. But as the workforce shifts, performance management methods of the past no longer serve the needs of companies employing or attracting the next-generation workforce.

Changing times 

As employees tuned out more traditional training methods, we turned on modern learning methods and systems. Today, they experience learning in the flow of work and benefit from that cycle of engagement. According to Gallup, 87 percent of Millennials cite access to professional development and career growth opportunities as the most important factor in a job. Employees want the same continuous experience in their performance management.

The Brandon Hall Group reports that fewer than half of companies effectively link learning to performance.Yet, connecting the two provides a line of sight into employee skills, knowledge, and competency gaps. Companies are able to demonstrate their commitment to growth and career opportunities—increasing engagement, retention, and attracting more talent. 

Non-stop growth

Managers are able to deliver real-time feedback and coach more effectively. A continuous performance process ties learning to business and employee objectives—increasing the ability to drive employee development and business growth. When everyone continuously grows, performance and potential is limitless.

Matthew Brown, VP Learning & Brand Success, Schoox, [email protected]

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