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When Team Rubicon got a shout-out from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the work they were doing during the first wave of the pandemic last year, it was an exciting moment for their army of 130,000 “Greyshirts” — proud veterans, first responders, and trained civilians — that rapidly deploy as emergency response teams to provide humanitarian aid in the wake of disasters. Team Rubicon has responded to cities hit by hurricanes, communities hit by wildfires, and most recently have worked tirelessly to support COVID-19 vaccination programs. But they were only able to rise to the occasion because of another group — enterprise software provider Sparkrock.

Changing the world

Nonprofit and educational organizations are part of the bedrock of our society. They prepare the next generation, fill in gaps in our social safety net, and step in when disaster strikes. But these selfless organizations face the same operational challenges as a for-profit business. In fact, workforce management is a key concern for the nonprofit sector. Turnover in the nonprofit world is brutally high — close to 20 percent, according to Forbes. And that’s just one of a myriad of challenges facing the organizations that do so much good in the world — nonprofits have to manage payroll, deal with the logistics of keeping the lights on, and manage expenses. That’s where Sparkrock comes in.

The global pandemic prompted a historic shift to remote work, a shift that affected nonprofits as well. For Sparkrock’s customers, ensuring they were able to support their dedication to public service meant having a robust workforce management solution. Sparkrock provides that solution to nonprofit organizations, human and health service organizations, and K-12 educational organizations. Their team of industry experts is inspired by the work these organizations do — literally changing the world for the better. The finance, workforce management, payroll, and employee scheduling software Sparkrock offers enables them to concentrate their finite resources on improving the quality of life for the people and the communities they serve instead.

Organizations like Team Rubicon rely on the experts at Sparkrock to help support those mobilization efforts with their workforce management software solutions. That allows the Greyshirts to focus on helping people instead of dealing with operational challenges.

Frontline support

Sparkrock is also dedicated to supporting our frontline heroes. Sparkrock builds software that supports them with best practices in finance and especially workforce management. Sparkrock 365, an extension of Microsoft’s Business Central 365, is a premier software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that reduces the time-consuming and wasteful churn that can bog down an organization as it administers the relationship with its frontline people. It’s currently the only application embedded within Microsoft technology for nonprofits. Features include scheduling and time-entry that ensure staffing transparency and automated workflows that speed decision-making and reduce accounting errors.

Sparkrock 365 helps organizations maintain efficient oversight of their labor costs, and Sparkrock 365 functionality makes it easy for frontline people and their managers to move quickly and decisively. Functionality includes an applicant tracking system, position management, employee onboarding, benefits tracking, leave management, expense claims processing, self-service portals for managers and employees, automated HR change requests, timekeeping and scheduling management, payroll management or seamless integration with popular third-party payroll software, and reporting and business intelligence.

Nonprofits and other organizations dedicated to the common good are only as effective as their workforce management systems. With their operational needs in good hands, organizations like Team Rubicon are free to stay focused on their mission as well as their most important asset — their people.

For more information visit: www.sparkrock.com.

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