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Now new technology is helping workers block out the noise, increase productivity and get happy.

“It’s a really modern office problem of not being able to concentrate on our work,” says Samu Hällfors, CEO of Framery Acoustics, a Finnish company that’s working to transform work environments for offices around the globe.

Framery built sound-insulated office phone booths and meeting pods that are fit for confidential meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one discussions without disturbing the whole office — and without the office being a disruption for those in the pods. 

Private pods

The idea for the pods was born out of necessity. Hällfors and his colleagues at a previous company were disrupted by a noisy boss whose business calls disturbed the whole office. “It was so annoying to everyone else,” he says.

Soon after he began working on the pods. He says it took four years and “next-level mathematics.”

The sound insulated pods “enable people to concentrate and reach their highest potential.”

On the market

Framery, a market leader and industry pioneer, is committed to making office life better. 

Their signature designs feature sustainably sourced materials, patented ventilation and acoustic technology. They’ve received seven international awards for design and innovation.

The company wants to change the way people work and aim to make 3 million people happier by the year 2022 through using their products.

They take pride in their customer service and promise satisfaction, including a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Right now, they offer three pod products: a Framery O phone booth pod that’s suited for one person to work on a computer or make calls; another pod, Framery Q, which has two sofas and a table and accommodates 2-4 people; and a third pod, the 2Q, which fits six people and has customizable furnishing options — for example, it can accommodate a conference table with chairs.

All the pods can be customized to the customer’s happiness, including usability and acoustics to sustainability and aesthetics, such as color and accessories. Customer value is the key to Framery product design and many of the feature improvements of the pods are made in very close cooperation with global customers.

Pekka Toivola, Framery product designer, says at first people thought the idea of a phone booth was old-fashioned since everyone uses cell phones, but the feedback from users has been very positive from the first experience.

“Colleagues don’t bother you when you’re in the pod and you don’t bother them in the pod,” he says.

He continues, “Framery products help employees have success in their work. When they can concentrate better, they can do their work better.”

Highlighting happiness

The pods are the modern solution for workers who face constant interruptions in the office. They provide a quiet, professional, private space for important phone calls, video conferences and even small group meetings.

The work environment is quieter and Hällfors says workers will be happier too.

“It’s fun. It’s not something a lot of companies do,” he says. “We think differently.”

“When people are happy then they become productive as well. And not the other way around. We tend to think that when I become successful and I’m able to reach the amazing goals, then I will be happy but it’s not that way. When you are happy, you are able to achieve those great successes.”

Framery is successful too. The echo-free pods, which are comfortable, efficient and easy to install, are currently available in 68 countries. The company has already sold 15,000 pods and demand is high.

“The biggest customer base for us is technology companies, pharmaceuticals, finance like banks and anyone that has highly educated, high-salary employees,” says Hällfors.

Forty percent of all Forbes 100 companies are Framery users including Microsoft, Netflix, PWC, Nike, and other high-profile companies.

Hällfors is confident more offices will invest in pods. 

“Companies value productivity,” he says. “The pods enable people to concentrate and reach their highest potential.”

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