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To be successful, enterprises must remain connected with employees. Forward-thinking employers are realizing the benefits of engagement — including higher retention, 21 percent more profitability, and 17 percent more productivity according to Gallup.

However, with virtualized offices, work-at-home mandates, and decreased travel, it’s never been more challenging to cultivate engagement. And a one-size-fits-all approach will no longer suffice.

Four distinct generations of employees occupy the workforce, leading to an infinite number of work styles and engagement preferences. Which means employers are having to solve for engagement issues they’ve never addressed before.

“True engagement is about the organization, specifically employees knowing how their efforts he lp the company achieve its goals,” said Eric Rudolf, VP of GTM at Brightcove. “Non-engaged employees —those who don’t understand the ‘why ’ —are more likely to float, drift, get disenfranchised, become negative, lose motivation, and lose productivity. And many organizations do not possess the infrastructure or strategy to engage each employee on their own terms.”

The power of video

Even as some return to offices, many want the convenience of working from home — while employers need to maintain engaging cultures. To accomplish this, enterprises need access to an array of communication tools, and more specifically video tools.

“The true power of video is that it puts control of the engagement process in the hands of employees, which is where it should have been all along,” Rudolf said. It also removes the requirement of being physically present to benefit from engagement-related activities, enabling the true hybrid work environment most organizations will be required to support going forward.”

With the Brightcove platform, executive teams, internal communications staff, and HR departments can easily create, manage, and deliver live or on-demand content that drives engagement to any employee around the globe. And video gives employees the power to engage when they want to be engaged and turn off when they want to be turned off.

Brightcove transforms the way enterprises engage global employee bases. Visit brightcove.com/en/products/enterprise-video-suite to learn more.

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