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Empowering Our Truckers

Addressing the Health Needs of America’s Truckers

Truck drivers in the United States face significant barriers to a healthy lifestyle, which is why it’s important to address these concerns to ensure quality of life for all trucking professionals.

Over the past several years, the United States has seen an increasing shortage of truck drivers.

Even as more regional distribution centers develop, more and more drivers are expecting to spend more time at home and are less willing to spend many days away from their families.

American Central Transport strives to be the best trucking company in the industry keep drivers engaged in their careers. We provide a best in class overall compensation package combining wages and benefits. This doesn’t mean that we are immune to one of the biggest concerns impacting our nations drivers: their health.  

Drivers face may challenges when trying to live a healthy lifestyle, now amplified by the COVID-19 crisis.  With restaurants and some truck stops closing temporarily, the need for drivers to be more self-sufficient is greater than ever as limited access to healthy food options and exercise has been difficult to overcome. Tight delivery schedules cause drivers to pick up something quick to eat, which often isn’t the best health choice.  After hours of driving, finding the energy to exercise, or even a safe location to do it, is last on their mind, while sitting for long hours on end has been proven to bring on an entirely new set of health complications. 

To show how committed we are to driver health, we decided to partner with the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA).  The HTAA has health coaches that call and encourage drivers to make better health choices and they have provided a health station that allows users to sign in and track weight, BMI, blood pressure, and more.  The only requirement to enroll is to call the program’s health coach and answer a few questions, and the HTAA will set them up with a plan that best fits their needs.

They have programs designed for the prevention of prediabetes, liver issues, and sleep apnea.

The HTAA has also partnered with CDL Meals, which works with drivers to help them plan a menu and ships freshly prepared healthy meals based on the dietary needs of each driver. 

We have been working hard to educate our fleet on these programs, and how to gain access to them. Driving a truck is hard, no doubt about it. But with proper health, we can have a long career driving, but more importantly, enjoy our family time along the way. 

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