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Laura J. Guthrie, Senior Director, Business Growth Strategist, JMH Premium, [email protected]

Custom Product Development to Simplify Your Recipe and Make Your Food Stand Out

Photo: Courtesy of Fabrizio Magoni

Food product development is never easy, but it can be fun. Custom product-development companies like JMH Premium use state-of-the-art technologies to simplify the process. By working collaboratively, we can not only reduce development time and complexity in your recipe, but can also reduce labor for your product manufacturing.

Working together

Food product development is part art and part science. It has to start with a good concept, which comes during ideation. Defining the flavor profile, key ingredients and the anticipated end product is a creative process. Then, food scientists step in to create the texture, taste and blend of ingredients that can withstand heat, cold and processing, and ensure that the finished product lands on-target. They take consider factors like how the product will be used, how long it will be stored and how it will be prepared for use in a recipe.

Industry standards

Product development must meet stringent regulatory requirements, including FDA and USDA. But it must also live up to consumer expectations for taste. Additionally, custom food products must be practical for use in the applications and quantities that restaurants require. A good development process will utilize the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to produce the end product.

By customizing the food production process, food scientists and chefs can take ideas from concept to table and scale up all in one space. This can substantially reduce the time required for commercialization. With the capabilities of a great development center, industrial and food service chefs get a great final product, unique to their business, that consumers will love.

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