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The Home Depot’s New Homeowners Hub helps first-time homeowners navigate repairs and renovations with confidence and ease.

Molly Battin

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, The Home Depot

“Helping homeowners is what we do.”

When it comes to owning your first home, navigating maintenance and home improvement projects can be overwhelming. According to a new survey, 90% of millennial and 92% of Gen Z first-time homeowners said that having access to a centralized resource that provided guidance would be helpful. That’s where The Home Depot stepped in.

At your service

The Home Depot recently launched a New Homeowners Hub to provide first-time homeowners with valuable resources like DIY guides, virtual workshops, project inspiration and other online tools designed to make most any project DIY-able.

“The workshops bring our orange-aproned experts directly to new homeowners to provide step-by-step, interactive guidance on projects, even teaching the fundamentals on caring for different areas of their home, like HVAC and plumbing systems,” said Molly Battin, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at The Home Depot. “There are both livestream and on-demand options, so we’re able to provide expert knowledge and support to customers in their own home at any time and at zero cost.”

Understanding consumer concerns

The recent survey conducted by Home Depot in partnership with Morning Consult also found that home ownership is one of the most stressful milestones for young people. Roughly half of millennials (53%) report worrying about buying their first home, along with starting a family (57%) and career advancement (52%).

Research also finds that making renovations and home improvements is the top hesitation for first-time homeowners, with millennials considering home maintenance (74%) and home improvement projects (68%) the most stressful aspects of homeownership.

It’s not that complicated

For many new homeowners, the thought of installing a new toilet or replacing a kitchen backsplash may seem daunting, but help is just a click away. The hub’s how-to guides offer the tips and tricks DIY-ers need to complete a wide variety of projects.

Easy-to-understand instructions assist homeowners of every skill level. Whether young customers need guidance on using power tools correctly or have questions about installing a new garbage disposal, there’s information readily available.

“From the New Homeowners Hub, customers can be connected to other resources like tool and truck rental, project calculators and home services to help them get the job done,” Battin said.

Doing the math

Figuring out cost is a critical first step of planning any home improvement project. Through the online hub, customers can determine the prices of different materials and installation options to take the guesswork out of budgeting. Calculators for moving expenses, paint, wallpaper, fencing and decking provide accurate cost estimations so you can move past planning and into doing.

Finding inspiration

The next generation of homeowners may know what style they like in a home but bringing that vision to life can be challenging. The New Homeowners Hub features design ideas, trending projects and product recommendations to help customers turn their décor dreams into reality.

From help finding the right furniture for any room in your home, to guides on transforming your outdoor space, Home Depot has your design and décor needs covered as you turn your first house into a home.

Becoming empowered

First-time homeowners may be more willing to paint walls or install a new floor, but redoing a bathroom or taking on plumbing and electrical work is an entirely different matter. When considering tackling significant home improvement projects such as these, Battin advises taking things one step at a time.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she said. “Helping homeowners is what we do, which is why we have these resources readily available to make home improvement projects not feel so overwhelming — especially for first-timers.”

Click here to explore the New Homeowners Hub

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