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Why Food Safety Matters at Gordon Ramsay’s 39 Global Restaurants

Photo: Courtesy of polarispr

Gordon Ramsay, chef and TV personality, tells us about how his restaurants prioritize food safety and customer experience.

What was your first experience with cooking?

It was at home with my mom. But when it came to a more professional setting, it was when I had to leave the soccer field behind and find my second passion at culinary college. 

How do you ensure quality and consistency throughout all of your restaurants?

First off, we have an amazing team behind the scenes that visits our restaurants weekly, if not daily. We also use secret diners and do unannounced checks frequently. We need to make sure everyone is on their toes at all times. 

As a restaurateur and chef, how important is food safety to your business?

It’s extremely important. With 39 restaurants around the world, any customer who becomes sick can take down our business in one tweet. So for me and my staff, they know how important cleanliness and food safety is, and we take it very seriously.

What do you hope that everyone who eats your food comes away thinking?

My hope is that they’ve had a delicious meal with impeccable service that will keep them coming back for more or remember for the rest of their year. So many people come through the doors at Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas and comment about what a magical experience it’s been, from the service to the food, and that’s what I strive for.

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