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Funding Your Future

Bradley Leimer Shares His Tips for Financial Wellness

Is there a connection between physical well-being and financial wellness? When we think about physical wellness, we think about what we eat, how much we exercise, how close we are to our ideal weight, and how healthy our body feels.

Bradley Leimer-Unconventional Ventures

Bradley Leimer

Co-Founder, Unconventional Ventures

Increasingly, people have tracked health milestones via apps on mobile devices and fitness trackers and wearables that help collect health data for us. But what about our financial health? Where is the app for that, that might help our physical health?

While money stresses have been shown to increase blood pressure and glucose levels, it can also impact your sleep, your work, your relationships, and over the longer term, even how long you live. This is why it’s critical to get help as soon as any part of your financial health feels out of control — whether that be because of bad credit, debt, or the inability to save and spend effectively toward a stable financial future.

Moving toward financial wellness

There is a financial app to improve nearly every area of your financial life, including understanding your credit score and reducing debt; tracking spending; and contacting debt providers or recurring services to help negotiate lower rates or lower monthly bills.

On top of these apps to track your savings and spending, there are an increasing amount of financial technology — ‘fintech’— applications that can help manage your entire banking relationship. These may offer better rates, more ways to invest in both traditional investments and cryptocurrencies, and help you track and manage your finances in ways that can be both informative, educational, and engaging.

The basis of any journey toward better financial health is to start tracking your money situation, focusing on improving the areas that cause stress in your life, and taking the time to start down the right path. With a financial app for nearly every situation, now is the time to start improving your financial life.

Your body will thank you for it, too. 

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