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The Benefits of Fleet Tracking Technology

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Chen

While fleet management software is becoming more ubiquitous among trucking fleets, let’s talk specifics here. What are the actual benefits that fleets are seeing today by using fleet tracking technologies? 

Let’s look at a case study. 

Pyramid Corporation has a fleet of more than 800 vehicles, worth an estimated $30 million. The maintenance, construction and material procurement company drives millions of miles each year, serving clients in many sectors.

Increasing fleet safety was a coveted staple, as one out of two fleet vehicles on average would be involved in a minor collision, costing the company unexpected repairs and accident claims. 

Pyramid was able to monitor driver and vehicle performance as well as maintenance through a near real-time reporting program. Fleet managers got reports on driver behaviors, which helped them track and rectify poor driving habits, while improving other operational issues such as maintenance and actual mileage.

Real results

Pyramid saw collision rate drop by 75 percent, from 1 in 2 to 1 in 15. That lowered the company’s insurance and raised the resale value of fleet vehicles.

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