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GLP-1s for Weight Loss: What Payers Need to Know

weight loss-payers-metabolic-employers-health plans
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weight loss-payers-metabolic-employers-health plans
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Here’s how employers and health plans are improving health while managing spend for metabolic health conditions.

Tim Church, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer, Wondr Health

As obesity and related healthcare costs escalate, organizations need a sustainable strategy to contain costs while improving metabolic health conditions. These are some of the key components to an effective strategy for GLP-1s and other weight-loss medications:

Superior, expert behavioral support that goes beyond diet and exercise to support long-term lifestyle changes that improve sleep, reduce stress, and help people overcome emotional health obstacles.

Tailored medication and care from a diverse team of clinical obesity specialists who use a stepwise approach to weight loss utilizing the full range of medications, not just GLP-1s, to optimize costs and deliver a more personalized experience.

A proven partner that seamlessly integrates with an organization’s benefits ecosystem and offers comprehensive programming to engage and retain employees, and deliver measurable health and financial outcomes with no upfront costs.

Join over 2,000 employers and health plans who offer Wondr Health’s full-spectrum weight and obesity-management program that combines world-class behavioral support with personalized medicine for optimal health and lower costs.

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