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Work From Home Presents New Opportunities and Challenges to Employees and Managers

Director of HR at Bamboo HR Cassie Whitlock discusses how employees can make the most of the new remote work paradigm, while also prioritizing their physical and mental health. 

Cassie Whitlock

Director of HR, Bamboo HR

What challenges have you seen companies face during this time of working from home? 

There are three main challenges: helping employees balance remote work with home life, employee connection, and critical feedback. Non-stop workdays lead to fatigue — I’ve had days when I will literally not stand up during nine hours of virtual meetings. While I’m closer to members of my direct team, I haven’t spent nearly as much time with other departments. And, we’ve had to teach managers how to give critical feedback to remote employees without it coming across as negative. 

What is one industry trend that is helping to combat these major challenges? 

Working from home has taught us that culture is more than a recruiting advantage — it’s an essential part of running a business. We ask: Do our people have the right resources? Do they have the right direction? And, are they motivated to follow that direction?  

Where do you see the future of work heading? 

Leadership needs to enable a culture where employees have clear boundaries for when they can say, “I’m not working right now.” This keeps work in balance so employees continue to love what they’re doing while they’re doing it.  

How can companies ensure maximum productivity while working from home? 

Employees aren’t using paid time off (because they’re already at home every day) but taking a vacation to rest your brain is just as important now as it was pre-pandemic. Scheduling 55-minute meetings instead of taking the full hour can also help employees have space to get up, stretch their legs, and break from their screens before diving back in.  

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