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Why Blue Light Glasses Are the Protective Equipment All Gamers Need

David Roger

CEO and Co-Founder, Felix Gray

It’s no secret the world of esports has exploded in the past few years.

Last year, people watched 6.6 billion hours of esports videos; an amount that is increasing by 1 billion hours each year. Casual gamers are spending an average of 6 hours each week playing. As esports attracts more competitive athletes, the demand on these players is bound to increase. 

Teams are already hiring coaches, trainers, and nutritionists to gain an edge over the competition. In a recent study that measured lifestyle habits and musculoskeletal complaints due to esport competition, players practiced between 3 and 10 hours per day. The most common complaint among these athletes was eye fatigue, which 56 percent reported.

Protecting gamers’ eyes

Given the exceptional growth and increased monetization of esports, my prediction is that the ability level of all gamers will increase. Increased funding and tournament prize money will make full-time gaming a viable career path. That elite tier of gamer, coupled with the accessibility for casual gamers to find themselves in games with players of elite caliber, will elevate competition and skill across all ability levels.  Increased competition for professional slots will demand esports athletes to increase their time investments and develop better health habits. This will include monitoring eye health by implementing good screen time habits, like using a premium quality pair of blue light glasses like Felix Gray, taking time between games to look away from the monitor, and adjusting screen brightness to the room lighting.

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