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An Expert’s Fool-Proof Guide to Expert Home Staging

Retail stores do it all the time. They hire merchandisers to set up each area to create the ideal buyer’s experience. Millions of dollars are spent on consumer studies and buying habits. When we bring this concept into the real estate market, it’s referred to as home staging.

Renters are typically looking for sophisticated yet cozy spaces, so creating this look and feel with the use of appropriate décor in your properties is a No. 1 priority.

Displaying key furnishings, artwork, and accessories is a must throughout every property. The goal is to create an emotional connection with each space as you define its purpose. What would you find in a typical living space? Sourcing the right sofa, side chairs, coffee, and end tables that meet the ideal target buyer is done easily with a professional.

The second must for every rental property is displaying a functional office space. Now that working from home is more prevalent than ever, setting up a proper work zone is crucial. Define a space that is separate from noise and distraction so renters won’t second-guess.

You should also incorporate accent lighting throughout the property. Sixty to 75-watt bulbs throughout give the space a soft white glow. Consistent hues in the main lighting, combined with a layer of accent lights, such as table and floor lamps, create an engaging atmosphere.

Next, let’s focus on bringing the outdoors inside. If there is a balcony or patio area, it is imperative to display a sitting area, and add soft cushions and pillows to attract interest. Décor and accents in earth tones allow any potential renter to connect with the space quickly and easily. If there is a good view, make sure it is the focus of the space. Stage the balcony or patio with wood elements, accent mirrors, and greenery to connect it to the outdoors.

The gourmet kitchen cannot be ignored. These spaces are now created and designed as Grand Central Station of the home. Display a coffee station, cutting board, and wine set up to create a story picture of the activities we all dream about doing in our ideal kitchen.

Finally, create a dream zone in the master retreat. Decide on the ideal bed size based on the size and price point of the property. Incorporate a sitting or lounge area if possible and add soft and warm layers of bedding, pillows, area rugs, and throws. This space and the master bath must speak luxury and rest. Renters desire a retreat space where they can power down and recharge. The staging repeats this message with purposeful accents and artwork.

So, how do you ensure that your staging items are relatable to the target tenant? Ask who else is living in the area and what their ideal style resembles. Your professional staging company will provide you with a perfectly displayed property that is merchandised to attract the right demographic. Remember, the property must be set up to speak to their needs and desires.

Try professional staging and see what your results produce. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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