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Property managers know time is money and the right property management platform can help make business easier and more efficient.

So how do you know if your property management software is maximizing your potential to grow revenue and operate more efficiently? Look for one that that truly understands the industry, the people, and the tasks that need to be done.

“Who touches the software day in and day out? How easy is it going to be for them to use?  How does the technology help drive results?” says Elizabeth Francisco, president of ResMan. “Our platform increases efficiency, especially for on-site teams, enabling property management companies to grow and scale more effectively.” 

ResMan is one of the fastest growing property management platform providers in the United States, becoming a trusted growth and operations partner to some of the industry’s most respected property management companies.

The ResMan platform streamlines and automates many time-intensive activities and provides greater visibility around property-level to-dos, performance metrics, and helps to identify areas of risk for the leadership. 

But it takes more than just great technology to be a trusted growth partner in this industry.

“Our biggest competitive advantage is that we’ve walked in our customer’s shoes,” says Francisco, who has over 25 years of experience as a property manager and shared that she and a team of 50+ property management professionals developed the platform.

“A lot of times when people build software, they make assumptions about the tasks at hand. And it’s a very surface-level view, but the devil is in the details. It’s when you get into those individual workflows that you see the intricacies of what needs to be accomplished. When software can not only anticipate those tasks but actually do most of the work, reducing the workflow down to only two or three steps, well than that is really powerful,” she says.

Saving time and money

ResMan’s software solutions streamline accounting, budgeting, reporting, and property maintenance. The platform helps save time, which saves money. Francisco says case studies show users of the platform save four hours, per week, per employee.

Sonya Rosenbach, CFO of Allied Orion Group, says ResMan’s platform has been a savings and streamlining tool for her team, which provides investment, construction, and property management services for multi-family communities, including a growing portfolio of over 23,000 apartment homes under management nationwide.

“They created a realistic and user-friendly system that allows our on-site team to focus on what really matters, which is taking care of the residents and running the property in the best way possible,” says Rosenbach. “Generally, within three clicks users can go from summary data to knowing every detail they need to know and completing every task they need to complete” she says.

And the approach the software takes has many spectacular growth stories. “It has been an amazing journey to partner with customers who started with only a handful of assets and have grown to well over 30K units in their portfolios,” says Francisco.

Winning together

Good software empowers and enables teams to perform better and to be the very best they can be in their individual roles.

ResMan’s motto is “win together” because they believe the way they succeed is by helping their customers succeed. 

Rosenbach feels valued: “They pick up the phone when we call or when we email, and they really take it to heart, and they really make us a priority.”

If this sounds different from the relationship you have with your current provider, maybe it is time for a change.

To learn more about how ResMan can help you, visit myresman.com.

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