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Save Money and Keep Your Residents Happy with ecobee SmartBuildings

Photo: Courtesy of ecobee SmartBuildings

Multifamily property managers often face challenges when it comes to ensuring buildings are properly maintained and up-to-date – balancing important decisions on operational efficiency, while also investing in upgrades that make units appear modern and attractive to residents.

In order to deliver a superior resident experience, property managers should look to the benefits of integrating smart home technology, particularly smart thermostats, into multifamily buildings. According to a 2020 National Multifamily Housing Council survey, renters are comfortable paying up to an additional $30/month for a smart thermostat because it offers both comfort and the opportunity for energy savings, and that’s where ecobee SmartBuildings comes in.

ecobee SmartBuildings, the premier thermostat management solution, can help property managers oversee the heating and cooling of their properties, effortlessly. With centralized remote control of ecobee smart thermostats, SmartBuildings can help identify and institute operational and energy savings, and improve asset protection. 

Here’s how ecobee SmartBuildings features can help your properties:

Superior Resident Experience 

Multifamily property managers can look to boost retention levels and acquire new residents more effectively by providing residents with a line of intuitive and award-winning ecobee smart thermostats that offer Alexa Built-In and can be controlled with Alexa voice commands. Residents can also monitor and control the temperature in their units with a best-in-class ecobee app that gives them the ability to personalize their comfort. eco+, a free upgrade available via the ecobee app, is a suite of five revolutionary features that takes indoor humidity, time of use rates and occupancy into account, giving residents the ability to maximize energy savings in their units without a compromise on comfort. 

Enhanced Visibility and Control

SmartBuildings gives property managers visibility to every thermostat in their portfolio as well as reliable equipment data to diagnose issues remotely, avoiding unnecessary truck rolls. With the SmartBuildings remote access feature via mobile or web, changes to one, many or all thermostats – including global changes all at once – are possible from anywhere, removing the need to be on site or physically enter residents’ units. With thermostat information at their fingertips, property managers no longer need to rely on residents to understand a problem, reducing the need for in-person visits. 

Energy and Operational Savings 

Property managers can use SmartBuildings to identify the early warning signs of catastrophic events – such as low temperatures leading to frozen pipes – so action can be taken to avoid these costly issues. SmartBuildings also drives energy savings, particularly at unit turn over, with the help of automated settings like scheduling and temperature limits. According to a 2019 report from The Atmospheric Fund, property managers can expect 8-11% space heating energy savings, thanks to ecobee thermostats and SmartBuildings’ powerful features. 

Asset Protection

SmartBuildings provides performance alerts and maintenance reminders that keep property managers one step ahead of equipment failures, helping to avoid more expensive replacement costs, and increasing the lifetime value of their HVAC assets.

ecobee SmartBuildings provides best-in class solutions to property managers to effortlessly optimize savings and comfort and is an important tool multifamily property managers can leverage to increase net operating income (NOI) while reducing operational and energy costs. For more information, visit the ecobee SmartBuildings website( or contact ecobee via email at [email protected].

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