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How Humanscale Is Giving Customers 24/7 Virtual Access to Its Showroom

Photos: Courtesy of Matterport

Matterport delivers an immersive 3D shopping experience that aligns with its brand, incorporating the idea of movement, which is key in ergonomics.

Humanscale is focused on designing and manufacturing ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. The company needed to figure out a creative way to give visitors virtual access to its showroom in New York City — one that rang true to its brand. We asked art director Denise Figueroa why Humanscale chose Matterport as its solution.

Denise Figueroa

Art Director, Humanscale

What inspired you to capture Humanscale’s HQ in NYC?

In early 2019, I began researching VR renderings for a business opportunity. During the process, I’d hoped for the visual experience to have a photorealistic quality and feel true to life, but my experiences didn’t quite meet my expectations. We ultimately didn’t move forward with the project, but it left me curious about ways in which to share our showroom and products with potential customers. It was also important that the experience feel authentic to our brand and incorporate the idea of movement, which is key in ergonomics.

Fast forward several months to when the marketing team was well into planning updates to the Humanscale showroom in Chicago for NeoCon 2020, one of the largest trade shows in our industry, and when COVID-19 caused widespread cancellations of large social gatherings.

We needed to figure out a creative solution that gave visitors high-quality access to our showroom, virtually. Our CMO Leena Jain mentioned hearing about Matterport through an acquaintance and shared a link to the site. When I went to the site, I could instantly see the opportunity to keep our plans moving forward, even if in a slightly different manner. It was also exciting that you could create this experience simply by using a phone app; a unique bonus to the tool.

How do you plan on leveraging the digital twin of your HQ?

What I appreciate about the digital twin and the Matterport experience is that you’re virtually in our showroom! My hope is that folks are able to see our products in a new and interesting way and feel as if they’re actually exploring and moving through Humanscale’s HQ.

The idea of movement is authentic to our brand, and thanks to Matterport, visitors can take a tour from their own homes and at any time of day. The showroom is truly accessible 24/7. As a visual person, I think it’s great to be able to see products from multiple angles and different points of view within the space. It helps you envision what it might look like in your own space and provides real context.

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