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Using Automation to Make Receiving More Efficient

Lozier+CASI has partnered with Walmart to develop and roll out its FAST Unloader System to more than 2,000 Walmart stores in the United States. The system combines Lozier+CASI’s Agility Powered Flexible Conveyor, and intelligent sortation system to scan, convey, and sort boxes that arrive in trucks, and ready the goods to get out on the floor faster.

According to Walmart, employees who unload trucks have some of the highest turnover rates of any employee group. That makes the FAST System, which significantly reduces the amount of hard, repetitive labor required in the receiving process, incredibly valuable.

Lozier Corporation and Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI) represent the best in innovation, cutting-edge technology, and manufacturing.

For instance, the Walmart Supercenter in North Richland Hills, Texas, used to use 10-person crews to unload trucks with 2,500-3,000 cases, but store manager Tyler Bursey told The Dallas Morning News that the FAST System requires a crew half that size for unloading

With fewer hands needed to unload boxes, employees are freed up to stock shelves with the newly arrived goods. That means fewer out-of-stock items, happier customers, and improved employee retention. The FAST Unloader System also helps keep shelves stocked with priority sorting, which tracks what items are out of stock and pushes those items out to the sales floor as soon as they arrive. That efficiency significantly improved the in-stock rate of the North Richland Hills Walmart in just three months.

Together, Lozier+CASI provide smart, tech-enabled solutions that increase capacity and throughput while reducing costs.

Pleased with the results of the FAST System in its U.S. stores, Walmart is working with Lozier+CASI to develop a version for Walmart Canada. Lozier+CASI have a range of receiving solutions designed to help all kinds of retailers. See how automation can make your business more efficient today by visiting www.lozier.com/about/lozier-casi/

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