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Google Spotlights Black-Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

Watch the shoppable film on YouTube or at to explore and support the featured Black businesses.

Over the last year and a half, Black-owned businesses have continued to face significant challenges. At the same time, consumers are looking to shop based on their personal values. Two-thirds (66%) of consumers who actively support Black-owned businesses say they use digital tools to find them. 

So, for the second year in a row, Google partnered with the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. to reimagine Black Friday as “Black-owned Friday” — a day to celebrate and support Black-owned businesses this holiday season. 

This year, Google worked with T-Pain, Grammy-winning artist and founder of Nappy Boy Entertainment, who wrote a new original musical track for Black-owned Friday. The track features T-Pain and Normani and is brought to life in a shoppable film featuring more than 100 products from 50+ Black-owned businesses. 

Google sat down with some of the featured businesses to talk about their successes and challenges over the past year, and what they’re looking forward to in 2022.

Rod Johnson

Co-Founder and CMO, BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages: Coffee and tea brand based in Des Moines, IA.

How have you seen more consumers supporting Black-owned businesses this year?

I’ve definitely seen consumers want to support us as a Black- and women-owned business to grow our brand and follow our journey. For us, it’s been incredible to see how excited our audience has been to attend music festivals and concerts again – we’ve seen a major opportunity now that in-person events are coming back.

Asia Hall

CEO and Designer, Neon Cowboys: A fashion tech brand that specializes in western glowing apparel and accessories based in Los Angeles, CA.

What have some of your challenges been and where have you seen opportunities to grow your businesses this past year?

It’s been a challenge to continue to maintain a personal connection with our customers as we’ve grown and scaled. This same challenge also represents a tremendous opportunity to connect with customers online in new ways and strengthen brand loyalty

Randy D. Williams

President, Talley & Twine Watch Company, Inc: A bespoke watch company based in Portsmouth, VA

What are you looking forward to and excited about next year for your business?

One of the quickest ways to gain a new customer in our business is allowing them the chance to try our products. While we’re excited to connect in-person again in 2022, we will continue to engage digitally with potential customers and experiment with even more creative ways to try Partake as we expand our offerings and retail partnerships!

Denise Woodard

Founder and CEO, Partake Foods: A plant-based food company based in New York City

How do you see e-commerce and digital tools helping Black-owned businesses?

“As a small business in a crowded industry, it can be a challenge to get your brand out there among all the noise. Using creative social media, your own e-commerce platform, and digital tools like Google can help you stand out. You can control your voice, engage with your community, and find new shoppers who have been looking for a product like yours!”

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