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This Lender Is Getting Much-Needed Lifelines to Small Businesses

Small businesses are important to Mick Goik. As a kid who loved numbers and taking things apart and putting them back together, it’s no surprise he ended up as an entrepreneur and president of a division that helps small businesses obtain alternative lending. 

“I’ve always been interested in how things work, and on self-reliance. I think those are key aspects for any small business owner,” said Goik, the executive vice president of MetaBank®, N.A., and head of commercial lending. 

Starting from the seed

Small business owners generally start their businesses around something that they are passionate about or something at which they excel. 

“For a small business to succeed, the owners will have passion for what they do, and that will show. They should also keep an eye on staying innovative with whatever product or service they provide.” But the learning shouldn’t stop there.

“When looking for financing, do your research,” Goik continues. “Learn about different types of lending from more than one source. Don’t decide to work with the first lender you speak with. Find out about their background, talk to a reference, and find out whether they will work with you through thick and thin.” 

Way back when

Starting with Crestmark in 2003, Goik held numerous roles in the commercial finance company and oversaw acquisitions of other entrepreneurial finance companies — helping the companies achieve more and bringing Crestmark’s finance products to more industries across a broader geography. 

He loved the company philosophy of “We help.” “I loved Crestmark’s approach. I loved the diversity of the businesses they served. We keep it real. While Crestmark has earned a great reputation — and is now a part of MetaBank — we have not lost our personal touch and passion for helping small businesses.”

When faced with the question of whether to accept applications for Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program loans from non-clients, it was a no-brainer. “It was disappointing to hear that so many businesses were being turned away by other lenders. The program was intended to help all small businesses. That’s what we do.”  

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