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A True Smart Home Is a Water-Efficient Home

Making your home more water efficient is an impactful way to live more sustainably without even thinking about it. 

As the Earth’s temperature becomes warmer with climate change, the greater the need for freshwater. Because heat causes water to evaporate more quickly, a hotter planet means more rain droplets evaporate in the atmosphere before they become rainfall, leading to drought. Warmer temperatures may also increase residential and commercial water use, which can further deplete the freshwater supply.. 

Staying aware

If you’re trying to conserve water, simply changing your habits — such as taking shorter showers and running large appliances less frequently — is a good place to start.

Take faucets and showerheads for example, which account for an estimated 23 percent of the average United States household’s water use. Low-flow faucets and showerheads are an inexpensive solution that can reduce use by between 30 and 50 percent while shaving as much as $90 from your water bill every year.  You can also take advantage of smart home technologies designed to reduce water use, which will have a bigger impact in the long run (with less work). 

Making changes

Smart sprinkler controllers, which allow you to control your outdoor watering schedule from an app, leak detectors, and flow meters are also popular. With outdoor water use making up 50 percent or more of a household’s water usage, smart sprinkler controllers increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary watering. For example, they can help you create a water-conscious schedule and turn themselves off when it’s raining. 

Leaky pipes are another major culprit when it comes to wasting water, and another place where smart devices offer a simple fix. Since you’re probably not constantly on the lookout for random leaks throughout your house, you can instead install leak detectors, which will send a notification to your smart phone when they sense moisture. 

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