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Chrishell Stause on Designing the Smart Home of Your Dreams

Photos: Courtesy of Shawn Ferjanec

Actress and real estate agent Chrishell Stause gives her advice on creating a smart home that is personalized and budget-friendly.

Given how many homes you have toured in your career, what are the best smart devices that you have seen?

I have been in some of the “smartest” homes, but I have yet to come across a flawless audio-visual system. My favorite thing I have seen are lamps that have wireless charging capabilities embedded into them that could charge devices automatically through infrared technology. 

What area of the home do you feel is the most important to personalize?

Without question, my answer is the premier suite. Where you lay your head at night is very personal, and you want it to be a place you really enjoy being in. 

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How can homeowners create a smart home on a budget?

There have been so many affordable options in this space. Many major players have come out with their own smart home technologies — asking for lights to be turned off, seeing who is at the door, or requesting a song to be played is no longer only a luxury for the uber wealthy. 

Where did your passion for real estate and homes come from?

It’s not a secret that growing up I didn’t always have a roof over my head. I needed a second career, and being able to help people find a home seemed so exciting to me. I liked the idea of being a part of that.

What is a smart device you could not live without?

I lived most my life without central air or heat. So now that I have it, I never want to live without it. Temperature is very important, so I absolutely love being able to easily control it from my phone. 

How do you think the real estate market will change in the next five years with the advancement of smart home technology?

A home that does not have smart home capabilities is not as desirable when selling. It’s a nice upgrade to spend money on because you can enjoy it immediately, and it will work against you if you decide to sell down the road. 

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