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Getting Organized Is the First Step to Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Photo: Courtesy of Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, co-founders of Tone It Up, sat down with Mediaplanet to discuss ways to stay healthy and motivated.

You both have been able to build your wildly successful fitness empire and wellness community by utilizing all kinds of technology and online platforms. How important is it to our success in health and fitness that we stay connected with each other through an online community?

Karena and Katrina: Tone It Up (TIU) is all about connection. When we started TIU, our vision was to create a community where women could come together to support each other, hold each other accountable and cheer each other on through our fitness journeys. Every day we see millions of women connect on Instagram. TIU team members motivate and inspire each other to lead healthy lives, and that’s the most powerful tool for success.

How can readers fit fitness and a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules?

Karena and Katrina: We completely understand that life gets hectic with work, school, family and other commitments. Remember to prioritize yourself, because when you feel happy and healthy, you’re better able to care for others and you’re a better partner, parent, coworker and friend.

We suggest getting your workout done first thing in the morning. Take that time to focus on your health before your day gets too hectic. And bonus: Exercising in the morning boosts your metabolism all day long.

We also recommend prepping your meals for the week on Sunday. Putting aside a little time on the weekend will make your week so much simpler. We cook our lean proteins, slice veggies and bake a batch of healthy muffins every Sunday.

How important is utilizing wellness tracking data for our own knowledge of our health and fitness capabilities?

Karena and Katrina: Tracking your workouts is essential for holding yourself accountable and achieving your fitness goals. That’s why we’re launching a new app called Studio Tone It Up, in which you can log your workouts, set personalized goals, track your progress and sign up for fitness classes with girlfriends.

What are some ways in which readers can make fitness more convenient for themselves?

Karena and Katrina: Plan your workouts for the week on Sundays. When you plan ahead, you’re much more likely to stick to your fitness goals. Every Sunday, we schedule our workouts in our calendars and sign up for fitness classes. We love to plan workout dates together so we have quality girlfriend time while getting our sweat sesh in!

We make it simple and convenient to plan your workouts with our Weekly Workout Schedule on our website. We lay out your workouts for each day and design the schedule to sculpt every muscle group, boost your metabolism, and help you feel strong, happy, and healthy.

Where do you see the health and fitness industry going in the next five to ten years?

Karena and Katrina: We believe that social fitness will be key in the future of the health industry. We built TIU around the principles of community and connection. Those will be the most important aspects of the industry going forward.

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