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Alexa Built-in Devices are helping families get the most out of the time they spend together, and stay connected when they have to be apart.

Our lives are busier and more hectic than ever, and while people are at home more often, it seems like families are spending less quality time together. That means it’s critical to make the most out of the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Alexa Built-in Devices help you do just that by making family time fun and memorable. That’s because every Alexa-enabled device can access a large library of music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other media that the entire family can enjoy, and all of it can be done hands-free with your voice.

You can turn cooking into a team activity by asking Alexa for dinner ideas, and then follow along with the recipe on your device. While you’re cooking, ask Alexa to play some music that the whole family can bust a move to, while also relying on Alexa to set timers, convert measurements, and more.

After dinner, you can ask Alexa to play “Jeopardy” (or any of the thousands of games available on Alexa Built-in Devices) and have everyone flex their trivia prowess while helping to wash the dishes.

Alexa can help make movie night better, too. No need for scrolling endlessly while trying to find a flick everyone can agree on. For example, if you have an Alexa-enabled Smart TV, you can ask Alexa to “Find family-friendly movies” to get a great list of suggestions.

Life made simple

When the movie ends, Alexa can help make bedtime easier when you set up Routines in the Alexa App. Routines are shortcuts that group together multiple actions for your smart home devices connected to Alexa so that you don’t have to ask Alexa for each action individually. For example, depending on the Routine you create and the smart home devices you have, you could say, “Alexa, good night,” and Alexa could set the right temperature in the bedroom, turn on the humidifier, play the baby’s favorite lullaby, and turn off the lights.

Alexa can even help you get the day started right when you set a “good morning” Routine for your connected smart home devices. You could have Alexa turn on the lights, start the coffee maker, read your calendar for the day, preview traffic for your commute, and play some good-mood music.

Alexa Routines can make life simpler by automating multiple tasks with a single request. Keep forgetting to turn off the lights and your electronics, lower the climate control, and close the garage door when you leave the house? Create a Routine where “Alexa, I’m leaving,” triggers all of your Alexa-connected devices to prepare for your departure.

Stay connected from anywhere

With Alexa Communications, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones no matter where they live. You can ask Alexa to “Drop In” on the grandparents or any other family members who live a ways away, and be instantly connected for a virtual visit.

Alexa helps keep families under the same roof connected, too. Ask Alexa to make an announcement that it’s time to leave for soccer practice, and everyone in the house will be alerted to have their shin guards on and be ready to go.

Keeping the family happy and together is simpler than ever before when you use Alexa Built-in Devices.

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