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How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs but thanks to smart home technology, it’s easier to detect and stop a water leak before it becomes a costly nightmare.

After flooding — which no technology can prevent — the second most common cause for water damage is home appliances, most commonly water tanks, washing machines, and toilets. With a leak protection solution in place, especially a LeakSmart solution that shuts off the water main in seconds, the difference can be having a puddle to clean up rather than causing irreplaceable damage and having to call a remediation company.

Strategically placed sensors

Strategically placed sensors protect homeowners from appliance failure that results in water spewing not only on the floor it is on, but also on the floors below. 

The LeakSmart solution, for example, offers an automatic shut off. As soon as the sensor detects a leak, a message is sent to a hub, which relays the message to turn off the water valve. This communication takes less than five seconds on average. 

While most sensors rely on WiFi, LeakSmart’s sensors use a radio signal, so if there is a power outage or your WiFi is down, the sensors continue to monitor. 

Advanced water flow analytics

Frozen or broken water pipes can also cause leaks. Flow meter solutions observe differences in flow that often indicate a leaking pipe. Using advanced water flow analytics allows the homeowner to monitor their water usage 24/7, which not only alerts the homeowner to potential problems, but can also help save money on their water bill. 

For the best water damage prevention solution, LeakSmart recommends a combination of sensors and flow metering. This provides a total home water protection solution and peace of mind from the nightmare a simple leak can cause.

Sue Poremba, [email protected]

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