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New Audio Technology That’s Changing the Game

Audra Gold, co-founder and CEO of Vurbl Media, shares her thoughts on how new technological advancements are changing audio experiences.

Audra Gold

Co-Founder and CEO, Vurbl Media

Why should consumers innovate their audio experiences with the latest technology?

Rather than sorting through numerous audio apps for every different type of audio, Vurbl provides a free app that streams audio to entertain, inspire, and educate you throughout the day. It’s easier to find something you’ll be interested in listening to with our 35mm+ audio database with curated playlists and programmed stations across hundreds of categories. 

How can this new audio technology transform an audio experience?

It will help listeners find great audio to stream much easier and faster than the existing audio solutions. It will also help creators multiply their content reach with short-form audio. We call this short-form audio “snippets,” and users can create them on the Vurbl platform from any audio, with ease of promotion, engagement, and sharing.  

Audio is just entertainment enjoyed through the ears only. We don’t distinguish by type, and we don’t think it matters what type of audio it is — it all belongs on Vurbl. Typically, what someone listens to is influenced by their mood, their location, and what they have access to. Some people like to drive with music on, cook to radio shows or podcasts, and fall asleep to an audiobook, meditation, or ambient music.

How can brands and creators better use audio to reach their audiences?

Curated playlists drive awareness to social media and websites. If they have a branded station on Vurbl, their audio content can also be found through search, social, and recommendations, as well as through collaborations with other audio creators on the platform. 

What do you think the next five years will bring to the audio tech industry?

Listeners will stream anything at all times of day, creators can live stream or just upload all their audio to build an audio entertainment brand, and advertisers can reach and engage hundreds of millions of listeners across hundreds of categories around the world. 

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