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Tiffany Brooks Talks the Future of Smart Home Design

Tiffany Brooks, interior designer and television personality known for winning HGTV’s “Design Star,” shares her tips on how to integrate smart technology into your home.

What are the benefits of making your home a smart home?

There are a ton of benefits in making your home to a smart home. The first benefit is that your home will be prepared for your day-to-day. This could mean anything from programming the temperature of your shower when you first wake up in the morning to knowing when your laundry is going to start and stop a cycle. In essence, your home is forward thinking.

Which area of the home is the best place to start incorporating smart devices?

One area I love to be smart is in the kitchen and bathrooms, with the laundry room being a very close third. These are the places we spend the most time while needing the most utilitarian help. For example, this could mean knowing what the weather and traffic conditions are while you’re brushing your teeth from your smart mirror or being able to turn your stove and oven off and on from work.

How do smart home products help bring the family together?

There are tons of ways they help bring families together. For example, using an organizing board such as a Dakk board to understand where your family is and when they’re going to be home is a great addition. All of these smart products can be sent to their smart personal devices, and everyone will be kept knowledgeable about each other’s schedule. Another great feature is entertaining. One example is having a smart TV on your outside patio. I love the idea of watching movies outside and not worrying about your electronics not being weatherproof

What are ways that homeowners can make their home more secure and personalized?

Secure is easy there are ton of smart devices with camera systems that link straight to your phone. And you can even talk to who’s ringing your doorbell from a different country. Personalization comes in with the pretty, which means the anesthetics. You can even handle that in a smart way. Think digital photo albums and frames that are hung on a wall, and that as instant personalization and also is aesthetically pleasing when done right.

What do you think the future of smart homes will look like?

Just like a family pet, I do believe that in the future, homes will have devices such as robots as personal assistants to help with cleaning and keeping the house more functional. Can you imagine every home with a robot?

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