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Saving Money While Saving the Planet

green energy-sustainable energy solutions-Inflation Reduction Act
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green energy-sustainable energy solutions-Inflation Reduction Act
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Capstone Green Energy helps organizations save money and reduce their carbon footprints by strategizing and executing more sustainable energy solutions. Capstone president and CEO Darren Jamison offered his insights into why going green is good for business.

Darren Jamison

President and CEO, Capstone Green Energy

Does adopting sustainable practices and technologies make good business sense?

All businesses obviously are in business to make money. If they can lower their energy costs by being sustainable at the same time, then that’s a win-win.

In the last three years, we’ve saved our customers almost $1 billion in energy costs and about 1.5 million tons of carbon emissions. Energy-intensive customers need to analyze their energy usage, their carbon footprint, and look for ways to both save money and save the planet.

Sustainability is driving today’s buyer decision-making. Most studies say that consumers — especially younger people — will pay more for a sustainable product.

How has the Inflation Reduction Act incentivized “going green” for businesses?

We’ve always had an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that’s traditionally been 10% for the last 15-20 years. This act increases it to a minimum of 30%. There’s an additional 10% available for U.S. manufacturers.

Obviously, the more you can make energy efficiency and green energy cheaper with government subsidies, then project adoption should go up. For us, it is transformational. We’ve never gotten that level of government support in our history.

What is one of Capstone’s key goals for sustainability?

Increasing awareness and education is the biggest thing. If everybody learns more about it, sees what opportunities are out there, and then makes an informed decision, that’s really what the world needs — smart people doing their homework and making good decisions.

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