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A Teen Entrepreneur’s Take: Turn Dreams of Starting a Business Into Reality

Mikaila Ulmer

Founder and CEO, Me & the Bees Lemonade

Do you have a dream that could change the world? A passion you want to share? Or maybe you just want some extra cash in your pocket?

As a teen social entrepreneur, I suggest turning your dreams into reality now by learning from those of us who have launched companies without fear or hesitation that we were too young.

Me & the Bees

Me & the Bees Lemonade started at one of the first Children’s Business Fairs in Austin, Texas, just before I turned five years old. I had no idea my lemonade stand would lead to me getting a deal on Shark Tank or continuing to grow a company that has its products in grocery stores across the country, like Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, and H-E-B. And even now at age 15, it is hard to believe how far my company has come and the impact I have made on helping save the bees.

Having participated in the Children’s Business Fair, I not only learned about how to start and grow a business, I was also able to sell my product. I wholeheartedly believe that putting purpose over profits, from the very beginning, and focusing on being a mission-driven company has been essential to helping me change the world.

Host a Children’s Business Fair

So what is a Children’s Business Fair?  It’s a chance to create your own business, have fun with friends, and make some money, too.

What did I learn when I launched my business? That it is very satisfying to:

  • Make something with your own hands
  • Sell it (safely) to someone who appreciates your product
  • End up with extra cash in your pocket
  • Know that I am helping make the world a better place – every sale of our natural lemonade helps my mission to save the bees.

Check out the video to see my first fair. I hope this will help inspire young entrepreneurs to dream big and start realizing their dreams by asking a parent or loved one to have a fair in their neighborhood. And to make an even bigger impact, contact your Congressperson to let them know you support bills that help break down the barriers for kids who want to make a dream come true by starting their own businesses.

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