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Promoting a Community of Opportunity and Support in A/E/C

Opportunities to advance support and connect one another in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industry are vital.

It has traditionally been challenging for women to pursue career opportunities, achieve recognition, and advancement in the building industry. In the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industries, women and other marginalized groups are typically under-represented in business meetings and in the construction job site trailer. But with hard work and tenacity, as well as focused company and industry initiatives, this environment is changing.

In the New England region, where the market has been particularly active for the past ten years and the talent pool is limited as well as competitive, the A/E/C community recognizes the value of career development and parity for women. One industry group, the Boston chapter of Professional Women in Construction (PWC), has had a marked positive impact. This chapter, created in 2017, is the youngest of five nationally, and through the Boston organization’s mission to “advance, support and connect,” the group demonstrates the powerful effect of a united community with a shared goal.

PWC Boston strives to provide more opportunities to its members and the community than the existing professional organizations serving Boston’s robust design and construction market. While many of these other organizations have strong missions, none incorporate all the qualities the active A/E/C community is seeking. PWC Boston serves as a multi-faceted, diverse community based on the values of equality, respect, and professionalism. Members include men and women in professional roles as well as skilled trades throughout the A/E/C industry. A wide range of perspectives come from participants working in design, engineering, construction, and many related fields, leading to dynamic discussions and a valuable network.

The members of PWC Boston and those who support the organization experience and appreciate the value created by this new chapter in several ways. The core principles and elevated professionalism permeate every aspect of the chapter, providing a wide range of opportunities for members to engage at any point in their career. PWC Boston’s rich and dynamic programs draw a wide audience given the relevance of topics and thought leadership, always offering venues for interactive networking. The collegial spirit of the organization enables. networking among colleagues, mentoring, and opportunities for leadership development.

In an industry where courage, resilience, and tenacity are essential, PWC Boston provides a supportive environment in which strong and lasting relationships are built and respect is assured.  Despite often working for competing companies, members rise above to collaborate on teams and advocate for inclusivity.

The organization’s commitment is to provide resources to its membership that transcend barriers and build careers. True to PWC Boston’s mission, great strides in gender parity are being made across the industry.


The chapter offers committee participation, public speaking and leadership opportunities to interested members to support their career and skill development. Scholarships, introductions and referrals to business partners, as well as public recognition of achievement, are other means of professional assistance provided throughout the industry. 


PWC Boston’s culture radiates cooperation and teamwork. The organization includes women-owned and minority-owned business leaders that have earned the respect and support of fellow members.


As reflected in its sizable membership, the group quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its networking opportunities. This includes interaction on committees, attending events, introductions through colleagues, or mentoring, all of which are invaluable in career development. PWC Boston raises the bar for women in the AEC industry and underscores the importance of women supporting women, of encouragement from our male colleagues, and the strength of a collaborative community.  In continuing to show courage, resilience, and respect we will continue to make positive changes in the industry.

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