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10 Reasons Why Women Should Major in Finance

Are you considering a career in finance? If not, you may what to re-think that. Here’s an outline of all the benefits you could encounter.

1. The opportunities and career path options are endless

The industry is broad — including investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, portfolio management, industry research, wealth management, financial planning, real estate, insurance and more — offering myriad positions to explore through a long career.

2. It’s a meritocracy

In finance, performance matters. Hard work, attention to detail, intellectual curiosity, strong communication, creativity, innovative thinking, great teamwork and the ability to execute on ideas are what is valued.

3. It’s an education unto itself

Investment banks and other financial firms provide rigorous training and an excellent foundation of knowledge and skills that can be transported anywhere. Even if your career path ventures outside the industry, you’ll forever have a valuable understanding of finance that will help you make smart choices throughout your life.

4. The compensation is attractive

Investment bankers are some of the highest paid professionals, and compensation includes a base salary and bonus.

5. It’s a relationship-based industry that values women’s strengths

Sales and trading requires great communication skills and the ability to cultivate relationships. In wealth management, there is an emphasis on long-term relationship-building and advisors become very involved in supporting their clients’ life goals.

6. You will develop a huge professional network

Banking and investment management provide abundant networking opportunities, and you will build a diverse list of contacts to tap throughout your career.

7. There is a good level of job security

Because tax law, the regulatory environment, and the political landscape are everchanging, the finance industry continues to expand. Everyone is looking for talent, always.

8. It’s exciting

A career in finance allows you to have a direct impact on the economy, as the industry is integral to global growth and impacts every other industry. It is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of a changing world.

9. It is rewarding

Watching your investment ideas create wealth or helping companies grow and expand is incredibly satisfying.

10. Firms are looking for women

Today, the percentage of women in senior investment banking roles is lower than in other areas of banking. For this reason, investment banks are placing greater emphasis on recruiting and retaining women.

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