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Hydrate Your Way to a Healthier Work Day

I’ve often said that you can live without many things in your life, but you can’t live without water, bottled or not. As we pursue our busy daily schedules, having a convenient bottle of water should be a constant for all of us. Heck, two-thirds of our bodies are water.

No laughing matter  

Studies have shown that drinking water can be helpful in losing weight. Drinking water before a meal may allow you to eat less because you feel full from drinking the water. Research has also demonstrated that water may help to lubricate our joints by keeping the cartilage that surrounds our joints healthy.

Many years ago I attended a talk on a college campus, given by a famous comedian. He lectured the students about not drinking enough water and dehydration was robbing them of their ability to remain alert in class and focus on their studies. He talked about studies of college students that were required to concentrate for extended periods of time: those who didn’t drink water had a harder time maintaining their attention span.

A simple, healthy choice  

We also know that drinking water helps our bodies with elimination and can help to prevent constipation. Water also helps our kidneys and liver by flushing waste products from our bodies.

All this is helpful information, but drinking water is simply good for you. Sitting at your office desk during the day, watching your favorite television show in the evening, enjoying a great meal with family and friends, working out in your home or local gym; these are all fantastic opportunities to have a bottle of water handy. For me, I keep bottled water in my car for my commute to and from the office in the Atlanta traffic.

I’m raising a glass of water to drink to your health.

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