Henry Albrecht

CEO, Limeade

“Having a manager that cares about you is one of the most significant work benefits anyone can have.”

Dr. Ann D. Clark

CEO and Founder, ACI Specialty Benefits

“Today’s multigenerational, tech-savvy and socially-motivated employees want to work for companies rooted in a strong purpose with a thriving culture.”

Paul Gordon

Senior VP of Sales, Rymax Marketing Services

“Build your program by listening to your employees. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t think that ‘one size fits all’.”

Sri Chellappa

President, Engagedly

“If there is one thing an organization should do to increase engagement, it is to make it a main goal of the top leaders.”

Jeff Dobro, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, One Medical

“Build the trust of your employees. Let them know that you are sincere in your efforts to improve their health and well-being and not just trying to save money.”

Jim Kidd

Director of Sit/Stand, Humanscale

“With active design, you are providing intuitive, ergonomic work tools... which allow people to get active on their terms.”