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A Special Thanks to All of Our Sponsors

Premium Sponsors

The Purdue Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP), a Department of Labor sponsored and registered apprenticeship program.  It is one of many offerings by Purdue University, creating a new way to earn-and-learn for the 21st century.  In addition to the P-CAP program, Purdue offers a number of on-line and traditional campus-based undergraduate and graduate degrees in IT and cybersecurity, special workshops and certificates, and cutting-edge research.  P-CAP is a public-private partnership between the Purdue team (comprised of Purdue University – Polytechnic Institute, FASTPORT, NC State – Friday Institute, Purdue Global, and Rofori Corporation), employers, state and federal government, trade associations, and apprentices working together to create a paradigm shift in cybersecurity education and training.  P-CAP sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office for Employment and Training Administration, grant ID #HG-33038-18-60-A-18

For more information, visit: purdue.edu/p-cap

We at Cyber Forza are the first company to apply Adaptive & Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and innovative methods to cybersecurity to prevent from the most advanced security threats in the world. Built on a breakthrough, the Cyber Intelligent Security Adaptive AI Platform serves as a foundation for External, Internal, and End Point Protection. The company’s advanced products, CISS Defender, Interceptor and Forza Client products protect, quickly and accurately identifies what is benign or a threat and prevents Ransomware & advanced malicious code from ever executing on a targeted system. By coupling advanced adaptive artificial intelligence with a unique understanding of an attacker’s mentality, Cyber Forza provides technology that are truly predictive and preventive against the most advanced threats.

For more information, visit: www.cyberforza.com

In 1996, Identity Guard’s founding company Intersections Inc. was one of the first to establish the identity theft protection industry in a colossal effort to help consumers protect their identities.

Identity Guard has evolved to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of identity fraud, addressing the privacy and data protection needs of both individuals and businesses. Stepping into the future, Identity Guard teamed up with the world’s most recognizable artificial intelligence, IBM Watson®. Combining our company’s experience of protecting more than 47 million identities for over 20 years with the cognitive computing of Watson, we are building solutions that will help detect threats more efficiently, provide personalized guidance, and help customers be proactive about their identity protection.

By applying Watson and predictive analytics to mine data, evaluate risk, and generate customized guidance for consumers, Identity Guard has created state-of-the-art identity theft protection.

To educate and empower every person to take control of their personal information to protect it from fraud, theft or misrepresentation.

For more information, please visit:https://www.identityguard.com/lp/usatoday


Take the lead in information systems, information technology, computer science and cybersecurity. At Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) College of Computing and Engineering, gain valuable technical knowledge and soft skills that Fortune 500 companies and government security agencies look for in leaders. Find your edge with a master’s degree from NSU in computer science, cybersecurity management, information assurance and cybersecurity, information systems, and information technology. MS programs are 30 credits and available completely online with concentrations including Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. NSU is designated since 2005 as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance—Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

For more information, visit: https://cec.nova.edu/masters/index.html

The Center for Cyber Defense & Forensics at Tiffin University is focused on improving the education and training of future cyber defense and forensic personnel. The Center is an inclusive and interdisciplinary effort that bridges the gap between technical skills such as programming, network defense, forensic analysis, and soft skills such as multimodal communication and the social sciences. The Center supports curriculum development, seminars, conferences, and outreach on current and future trends in cyber defense and forensics.

For more information, visit: go.tiffin.edu/cyber

At the American Women’s College of Bay Path University, we’re transforming the way adult women learn – and succeed!

We offer:

·        B.S. in Cybersecurity 100% Online

·        Industry-based Curriculum

·        Employer Partnerships

·        Guidance on Career Management

·        Financial Aid/Scholarships

·        Personalized Learning Technology

·        Accredited by NECHE (New England Commission of Higher Education)

“By preparing adult women to pursue jobs in cybersecurity and information technology, The American Women’s College of Bay Path University is helping address the national need for a digitally fluent workforce.”  -Beverly Benson, Program Director, IT & Security, The American Women’s College 

Enroll in any of our six accelerated sessions. Transfer up to 90 college credits.

Visit us today at baypath.edu/cyber

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV) aspires to move money and information in a way that moves the world. As a global leader in payments and financial technology, the company helps clients achieve best-in-class results through a commitment to innovation and excellence in areas including account processing and digital banking solutions; card issuer processing and network services; payments; e-commerce; merchant acquiring and processing; and the Clover™ cloud-based point-of-sale solution. Fiserv is a member of the S&P 500® Index and the FORTUNE®500, and is among the FORTUNE Magazine World’s Most Admired Companies®.

Visit fiserv.com and follow on social media for more information and the latest company news.

The Cyber Security Summit is a nationwide series of one-day conferences that educates Senior Level Executives on the latest threat landscape and best practices. The Cyber Security Summit connects C-Suite & Senior Executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security thought leaders. Speakers include experts from The FBI, NSA, US DOJ, DHS, CIA, US Secret Service, Google, IBM, Dell, Mastercard, and many more.

Those in attendance enjoy a catered breakfast, lunch, and cocktail reception and are eligible to receive up to 6 CPE Credits with full day attendance. The Cyber Security Summit has been ranked as one of the “Top 50 Must-Attend” Information Security Conferences by DigitalGuardian.

For more information, visit: https://CyberSummitUSA.com/

Now in its 50th anniversary year, ISACA® (isaca.org) is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. Today’s world is powered by information and technology, and ISACA equips professionals with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance their careers and transform their organizations. ISACA leverages the expertise of its 460,000 engaged professionals—including its 140,000 members—in information and cybersecurity, governance, assurance, and risk to help advance innovation through technology. ISACA has a presence in 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide and offices in both the United States and China. In 2014, ISACA established the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) to provide performance-based cybersecurity training and credentials, as well as cybersecurity guidance, research and other resources. Each year, ISACA conducts a State of Cybersecurity study to track trends, challenges and opportunities related to the cybersecurity workforce and threat landscape.

For more information, visit: www.isaca.org

Silverfort delivers secure authentication and Zero Trust across corporate networks and cloud environments, without deploying any software agents or inline proxies. Using patent-pending technology, Silverfort enables risk-based multi-factor authentication for all sensitive users, devices and resources, including systems that could not be protected until today, such as homegrown applications, IT infrastructure, file systems, machine-to-machine access and more. Silverfort allows organizations to prevent data breaches and achieve compliance instantly, by preventing identity-based attacks across complex, dynamic networks and cloud environments.

The company has been named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ and received worldwide recognition, including the Most Innovative Adaptive Authentication InfoSec Award 2019, InfoSecurity 2018 Global Excellence Awards for Best Authentication Product, and is a gold winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the Multi-Factor Authentication category.

For more information, visit: https://www.silverfort.com/

Yubico sets new global standards for simple and secure access to computers, mobile devices, servers, and internet accounts. The company’s core invention, the YubiKey, delivers strong hardware protection, with a simple touch, across any number of IT systems and online services. The YubiHSM, Yubico’s ultra-portable hardware security module, protects sensitive data stored in servers. Yubico is a leading contributor to the FIDO2, WebAuthn, and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor open authentication standards, and the company’s technology is deployed and loved by 9 of the top 10 internet brands and by millions of users in 160 countries. Founded in 2007, Yubico is privately held, with offices in Sweden, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, and Singapore.

For more information: www.yubico.com

Third party, n-th party and supply chain risk are responsible for several of the most devastating attacks in information security over the last several years. Reconaissis is a disruptive platform that solves this problem via a 24/7 ‘credit bureau’ modeled ecosystem with hooks into real-time information security controls data fully consented to for disclosure by participating companies. It is collaborative, unified and integrated and allows companies to divulge as much or as little about their real-time environments to potential and current business partners as they desire.

Our mission is to be the leading evangelists and creators of the first cybersecurity self-regulated ecosystem that comprehensively protects businesses from the devastating damage associated with compromises of their infrastructure and critical, sensitive, classified and/or private data through insight and mitigation, powered by artificial intelligence.

For more information, visit: www.reconaissis.tech

Serving the IT industry for over two decades, Webair is a high-touch, agile Cloud and IT Infrastructure solutions provider headquartered in NY. While Webair is one of the largest cloud providers in the Northeast region of the United States, the company has an international presence with a global network of highly-secure data centers, servicing the United States, Canada, Europe, and APAC markets. Keeping scalability, flexibility, and security in mind, Webair offers a vast selection of solutions that are completely individualized to satisfy the unique requirements of each client, including Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Offsite Backups-as-a-Service, Colocation, and more. Webair is widely recognized for its 24x7x365 white-glove support, its fully managed solutions, and its world-class technology. With these core competencies, Webair can ensure that its clients’ Cloud and IT Infrastructure solutions are completely taken care of so that clients can dedicate their focus to their core businesses. With the ability to customize solutions coupled with certifications including HIPAA, FISMA, PCI-DSS, SSAE 18 SOC 2, and more, Webair is capable of serving clients from a range of industries and verticals, including but not limited to, small to medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and education.

For more information, visit: https://www.webair.com/

ThreatAdvice, A NXTsoft Solution offers a suite of data security services for businesses and organizations of  all types. Our ThreatAdvice’s vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) platform is designed to complement your IT department by providing the functions typically performed by a CISO at an affordable cost and without increasing your headcount. ThreatAdvice also offers Breach and Incident Response services, Employee Cybersecurity Education and Awareness (including phishing exercises) and Threat Intelligence. For more information visit www.threatadvice.com or call 800-915-3381.

For more information, visit: https://www.threatadvice.com/vciso

Securing an organization from cyber threats can sometimes seem like an overwhelming challenge, especially for small and mid-size businesses. It can be both technologically intimidating and financially intimidating. From the day he founded DuoCircle, Brad Slavin has been focused on helping those small and mid-size businesses be a little less overwhelmed while securing their organizations.

DuoCircle understands that small and mid-size businesses don’t have the time, the money or the staff to set up their own security infrastructure, but they still need the same enterprise-grade security solutions the big boys have. That’s why DuoCircle has been committed, from the beginning, to providing cloud-based, enterprise-grade security solutions that are fast and easy to deploy at affordable prices especially with their Phishing Protection service.

DuoCircle knows what small and mid-size business want when it comes to purchasing security services because it is one. They want price transparency, which is why all of DuoCircle’s prices are published on the website. They want handholding, which is why all DuoCircle services come with 24/7 live technical support. And they want assurances, which is why all DuoCircle services come with a 30 days risk free trial.

Small and mid-size businesses may not have the resources of larger companies, but they need the same security capabilities to protect their organizations and DuoCircle is here to make sure that happens.

For more information, visit: https://www.phishprotection.com