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How a Virtual Global Conference is Empowering Women in Tech

Anna Radulovski, Photo: Courtesy of WomenTech Network

The organizer of WomenTech Global Conference 2020 (WTGC) is calling on 100,000 women to attend the online event.

“We want to inspire and connect more women globally,” says WomenTech and Tech Family Ventures Co-Founder Anna Radulovski. 

The conference goal is to support and empower women in tech globally through leadership development, professional growth, networking and mentorship.

Unity during times of disruption

Previously WomenTech has held 50 smaller, separate events for groups of 70 or more people. 

But this year, due to COVID-19, a larger event makes more sense. Radulovski knew it would be more impactful to have one large digital conference. So far over thousands of attendees have signed up and 181 countries will be represented.

“The main theme of the conference is being human in times of disruption, technology and innovation,” she says.

She’s hopeful the conference can unite people and says the conference is particularly important for women in tech worldwide who are facing career and industry changes during the pandemic.

“Women are more vulnerable in times of disruption,” she says, noting women in tech worry about being laid off, having to find a new job, balancing family, and having to make compromises in their careers.

Succeeding in tech

The technology industry has traditionally been male dominated and it’s been challenging for women to break into and succeed in the field. According to Pew Research Center, women represent 25% of workers in computer occupations.Radulovski, who has a background in education, got involved in the tech industry few years ago when she founded Coding Girls. That global nonprofit helps girls and women develop the skills needed for a tech career. Soon companies wanted to know how to hire women in tech and those women wanted career opportunities too.

The entrepreneur launched WomenTech Network to help companies find and hire more diverse tech talent and to help women find more opportunities at companies who value and support diversity and inclusion. The focus is on creating an atmosphere and culture of belonging for different people with diverse backgrounds.

Conference insights

While most tech conferences are expensive and require travel, this virtual conference is free and available via web browser for participants worldwide. The platform allows participants people to reply and interact just like they would add an in person conference. 

​​​The WTGC will feature top names in the industry, including a mainstage, inspiring keynotes, engaging panel sessions and technical workshops, as well as networking and actionable advice.  They have nine tracks focused on three main areas: work revolution, tech innovation, humanity, purpose and collaboration. 

The event can help women in tech grow their network by connecting with other women, as well as minorities and allies in the industry. They’ll also learn global industry trends and potentially identify career opportunities with startups and leading companies. There will also be a partner expo and career fair for attendees to connect with tech companies.

For more information or to sign up for the conference:

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