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The Value of Meeting Face-to-Face


Sherrif Karamat

CAE, President and CEO, PCMA

When I think about the business events industry, I think about face-to-face meetings and the powerful effect they have on global economies and social progress. It’s been said that people see eye-to-eye when they meet face-to-face, and it is evident why that rings true.

Business events are meant to facilitate growth and transformation by gathering people from different walks of life to collaborate and learn. Great things happen when we convene, and society as a whole benefits.

Building connections

Meetings are the most effective way to build connections, engage attention, work collaboratively, and ultimately build trust. This is true for a gathering of thousands or an intimate event, and regardless of purpose, whether education or incentive travel. Meetings can stimulate thinking and introduce us to new ideas by placing us in new environments. Research shows people retain information and think more creatively while experiencing new spaces. We collaborate when we meet face-to-face and we break down any barriers that may stand between us.


A study from Business Events Sydney determined a direct connection between business events and positive outcomes that extend far beyond tourism and direct spending. Research showed that business events leave legacies in many areas, including social change, knowledge and skills development, and economic growth.

Face-to-face meetings can be highly productive, as business deals are twice as likely to be completed following an in-person meeting. You are more likely to engender loyalty and build trust from face-to-face meetings than communicating by email or phone. And that is what makes face-to-face interactions so valuable.

Sherrif Karamat, CAE, President and CEO, PCMA, [email protected]

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