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3 Surefire Steps to Brilliant Meetings

Audio-visual (AV) creates atmosphere, immerses attendees, and sets the stage for an impactful experience at every event, no matter how big or small.

Here are three steps to make great AV happen:

1. Select the AV provider that’s right for you

When you develop your venue RFP, preserve your option to bring in outside AV providers without hidden costs by including a clause with terms that maintain your freedom of choice with no additional fees or penalties.

Before signing any contract, make sure your clause from the RFP is being honored and it allows you to evaluate and select your own preferred service partner — otherwise, you may end up with an AV option you don’t want, or worse, can’t meet your needs effectively. Carefully review your venue contract for any hidden or extraordinary fees, like inflated Wi-Fi charges or rigging costs for using an outside AV company.

2. Treat your AV provider like a partner

Be proactive and talk to your AV partner about your event objectives, goals, and budget from the start. Discussing these topics up-front allows the AV professional to plan around any constraints and design a custom solution to maximize resources.

Open communication is the key to a great relationship with your AV partner, so integrate them seamlessly into your event team.

3. Leverage new technology to engage attendees

AV professionals know how to leverage the latest technology to showcase your brand and elevate your message. They skillfully balance the “wow” factor and content delivery with creative strategies to maximize any budget. Projection mapping, LED walls, scenic design, and video content are all effective ways to convey your message. Seasoned professionals will tailor technology to your space and audience for maximum impact.

Steve Wildemann, President, Rental & Staging Network, [email protected]

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