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Transform Your Event Planning With These 3 Tips for Creativity and Imagination

While AI can make things easier through technology that learns about us to make better recommendations, we feel that imagination and creativity – very human attributes – remain important. It’s part of the reason why, even as most of us connect virtually, there’s a greater demand for human and emotional connections.


For the meetings industry, there is a huge opportunity to help people develop those connections and to help brands deliver their messages in exciting and emotional ways that cannot be achieved online through an algorithm. 

Based on our decades of industry experience, we’ve recognized that imagination is the glue that holds events together. They need to spark creativity, and that starts during the planning process in order to attract attendees time and time again.

Tips for success

In theory, urging people to be more creative is fine, but we realize that you can’t just push a button. It takes curiosity and the ability to challenge assumptions. We’ve identified three core aspects of imagination that event organizers should consider to make the most of it.

1. Collaboration

If you start to consider how you can collaborate – not compete – with other organizations, you might be able to tap into new benefits and opportunities. Every aspect of the event and incentive travel industry – from airlines and hotel groups to supply chain businesses, universities, and software developers – can be a useful partner, transforming business models, customer service, and event experiences.

2. Diversity and inclusion

By embracing inclusivity and eradicating bias, the meetings industry can bring people together, helping them generate powerful relationships and advance the industry. As part of the planning process, imagine what would make your event be more inclusive from the outset. Think about what would bring in people who may not have felt included. And keep diversity in front of mind throughout the planning process.

3. Sustainability

Diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability have been anchor tenets of IMEX since it was founded in 2003. As a result of our commitment to implementing best practices in event sustainability, including exhibitor guides and education sessions, the IMEX Group now sends zero waste to landfill after IMEX in Frankfurt. We continue to envisage and explore fresh approaches to continue this through the use of green materials, food choices, and more. We’ve found that people respect and value new ways to reduce the environmental impact of their show participation.

Collaborating, inclusion, and sustainability are three important ways to help people think more creatively and make a more positive impact whenever they can.

Carina Bauer, CEO, The IMEX Group, [email protected]

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