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How to Create an Extraordinary Workplace Culture

If you answered seven or less you’re not alone — most organizations live here. Why should you care if your team is happy? Seven or less means you’re missing out on a huge competitive edge – one that significantly boosts your bottom-line and allows you to both recruit and retain top talent.

This litmus test is the first step in measuring your workplace culture. Culture is the context within

which your people work; it’s the air they breathe while running your marathon. And while you aren’t responsible for making anyone happy you are responsible for creating an empowering context within which they can be happy.

If you have a “meh” culture, you may have noticed your team’s performance waning due to gossip, silos or apathy. While most organizations now know they need to focus on culture, most leaders and managers find culture to be abstract, intangible and elusive. With good intentions they throw a BBQ, hand out gift cards or update the mission, vision and values statement. Raises and perks will give you a temporary bump in morale. Yet none of this makes a sustainable difference.

Emotional intimacy

Here’s what does make a difference: emotional intimacy. Also known as camaraderie when talking to your human resource department.

Basic desires

To create emotional intimacy in your workplace culture fulfill your team’s three core human desires: to be known, to matter and to be included.

Being known means they’re not invisible, easily ignored or forgotten. They’re thought of, remembered, considered. Their quirks are known as well as what they can be counted on for and where they struggle. To matter means they know they play a significant role in the success of the organization. If they go the extra mile, it matters. If they slack, it matters. Their effort is appreciated, their results are noticed, and their mistakes impact the team.

To be included creates a sense of belonging. They’re part of a tribe. They know the fight song, the unwritten rules as well as the inside jokes. They’re part of a team that exponentially expands their individual contribution.

What would it feel like to have an extraordinary workplace culture that generates both joy and remarkable results? Imagine walking into your workplace where smiles are real, laughter is genuine and vibrant energy fills the room. That’s what’s possible when you bring emotional intimacy to your workplace.

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