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Human Capital Management Technology Can Transform the Employee Experience

Photo: Courtesy of Ilya Pavlov

You don’t have to be in HR to know the topic of employee engagement — and lack thereof — remains on the minds of people at just about any organization.  In fact, research suggests when people invest emotionally in the workplace, they can help their organization achieve its goals. Employee engagement influences productivity, customer service, talent acquisition and retention, brand reputation and, of course, revenue.

Ultimately, employee engagement reflects the employee experience. People expect more from their employer than just a paycheck. So, how does an organization improve upon the employee experience and foster greater employee engagement and commitment? Let’s focus on a very important piece of the employee engagement equation, human capital management (HCM) technology — a ubiquitous enabler of collaboration, communication and connectedness.

Enabling connection

We know technology has the capability to bring people together. HCM technology plays a pivotal role is in empowering leaders to be more effective coaches. It enables a deeper understanding of team members’ communication styles, convictions and individual needs, resulting in more meaningful employee development experiences. This knowledge can and does improve the way teams communicate and relate with each other, helping build a stronger sense of affinity between colleagues.

Recognition in real-time

Annual performance evaluations are quickly becoming archaic. With HCM technology, organizations can provide a people-centric experience centered on ongoing conversations on goals and accomplishments, helping leaders enhance an individual’s growth and potential.

With a preference for immediate and continuous feedback in real time, and on the spot recognition, HCM technology makes it easier for employers to create these types of employee experience and exceed the employee’s expectations.

Accessibility anytime, anywhere

People work on the go. Checking your work schedule or requesting time-off can be done with HCM offerings, allowing employers to engage and empower their people to manage their work life more easily, and make their work life better. This ultimately makes the employee/employer relationship far more successful to the individual and organization.

Lisa Sterling, Chief People & Culture Officer, Ceridian, [email protected]

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