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What HR Departments Are Doing to Please Commuters

Photo: Courtesy of Bruno Aguirre

Attracting and retaining top talent isn’t easy. Innovative HR professionals are successfully testing transportation programs as a new way to attract and engage employees, andcreate great first impressions with candidates in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

A next-level wellness benefit

Collaboration leader, Slack, helps companies improve teamwork and communication, making work simpler and more productive. The company applies a similar philosophy to managing its own workforce. They’ve incorporated Lyft into Slack’s employee benefits package and offer guaranteed rides after hours. The program is an expression of the brand’s hallmark innovation. Today, the team stays focused on priority projects at the office, and can attend evening events, for as long as they want.

By using rideshare instead of taxis, rentals or other forms of transportation, Slack improves its program investment. “If you want a practical way to show your employees how much you appreciate them, use Lyft rides to keep them safe at night. It’s the signal we send to our people, and it’s a powerful message,” says Robby Kwok, Slack’s VP of People.

A refreshing way to get employees to work

By helping team members avoid the stress of driving, unreliable public transportation, or catching shuttles with set schedules, one biotech company helps people arrive ready to do their best work. This Forbes top place to work offers commute credits to employees who need to commute during off-peak hours across nine counties. The rideshare program is the company’s most-popular transportation program.

“Whether it’s a ride to the airport, an appointment with a potential customer, or a safe ride home, Lyft gives employees a pleasant, efficient, easy-to-use way to get where they need to go,” says a senior travel manager.

A thoughtful first impression with candidates

Several Fortune 100 technology companies provide courtesy rides to candidates. They offer a better experience that’s free of logistics like submitting receipts and waiting for reimbursement, and increase acceptance rates from the best prospects.

Support for social responsibility

Cloud computing giant, Salesforce, donates 1 percent of every ride to a program designed to reduce carbon emissions. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise contributes a percentage of every business ride to its own HPE Give charity.

“Lyft is significantly improving our employee travel and event experiences while at the same time helping expand our charitable efforts through Round up and Donate, which supports our HPE Gives corporate initiative,” says Sean-Michael Callahan, the senior director and Head of Global Corporate Programs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Streamline efficiencies

Ground transportation programs also simplify management and operations. Automated expensing, reconciliation and powerful reporting make everything easier.

Transportation solutions that include ridesharing options align the needs of organizations, managers and employees. They drive business forward, reward talented employees, impress candidates and improve the experience for HR and recruiting professionals.

Gyre Renwick, VP, Lyft Business, [email protected]

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