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Why HR Teams Are Turning to Maven Clinic to Support Parents’ Mental Health


Maven’s innovative care model is giving experienced, new, expecting, and aspiring parents the care and support they need to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Parents have always had a lot on their plates, but the transition to remote work and the uncertainty of the pandemic have amplified their stress.

To get the help and support they need, parents need a resource they can trust, and access to better care for themselves and their children. They need help coordinating nap times with remote work and uncertain school schedules. They need help figuring out how to talk to their children about the state of the world. And they need help coping with the stress brought on by a rapidly changing environment.

Employers have found that offering support to working parents through comprehensive benefits helps them reduce and mitigate burnout, improve productivity, and attract new talent.

Supporting parents

Maven provides exactly the support parents  and their employers are looking for. Maven offers 24/7 access to virtual care from providers spanning more than 30 family health specialties, including mental health. Every member has a dedicated Care Advocate who helps them navigate their care plan within the platform, and provides referrals to and recommendations for virtual and in-person, in-network providers.

Maven also offers more than just healthcare services. Its comprehensive care model supports the unique needs of both parents and children with a variety of specialty providers, including: career coaches for successfully returning to work, infant sleep coaches for coordinating nap schedules, mental health specialists for coping with loss and change, fertility specialists for assistance with family building, and much more.

“Motherhood is just so complicated, but I’m really grateful to have Maven at my fingertips for whenever I need help,” said Erica, who, after having her first child, used Maven to get the postpartum care, support and advice she needed, which included help with navigating breastfeeding goals and a food allergy. Reflecting on her journey, Erica remarked, “Maven was always there.”

Increasing loyalty

The benefits for employers are tangible: 70 percent of employees who utilize Maven feel more productive while at work, and 80 percent of members are more loyal to their employers after they implement the benefit.

“Our employees love Maven,” said Debbie Westover, director of benefits for SoFi. “I get very passionate and excited when I talk about benefits — especially one like Maven that’s been very successful and embraced by our employees. And Maven has truly been a success story from Day 1. Our employees are so very appreciative of this program.”

In the everchanging future of work, employees expect their employers to offer benefits that help them thrive in all phases of life, especially parenthood.

Learn how Maven can help you support your organization’s working parents by visiting www.mavenclinic.com/for-employers.

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