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Work Reimagined: Rewriting Your Global Talent Roadmap

Katrina Helmkamp

President and CEO, Cartus Corporation

As the industry leader in corporate relocation, Cartus has a front-row seat to the global talent strategies that the world’s top companies are adopting to align their employee benefits programs—including company-sponsored relocation packages—to today’s new reality with COVID-19.

We have partnered with our parent company, Realogy (NYSE: RLGY),to synthesize best practices for today’s global teams.

Most people are familiar with the change management framework of “People, Process,and Technology.” However, we must now wrestle with a fourth variable: Place. Yesterday, theoffice was the de facto business environment. Today, our globally distributed workforce must beset up to succeedfrom anywhere. Consequently, Cartus is focused on optimizing three key factors:

  1. Talent (individual employee + job design + location)
  2. Technology (hardware, software, automation, digitization)
  3. Culture (people management, executive leadership, HR policies)

Properly executed, the result should be a high-performing and engaged workforce—one whose productivity and job satisfaction could increase 10-15%.

At the same time, companies have to prioritize their employees’ mental and emotional well-being.

In the current environment, leaders must bemuchmore intentional about maintaining the “human aspect” of work. Without the casual relationship-building that occurs during regular small encounters in the office, even strong cultures may degrade.

Destination: Reimagination

It may sound focus-grouped, but Imagination is the secret sauce that will empower organizations to emerge from this crisis prepared to win in the world that IS, not the world that WAS.

While there is no perfect substitute for personal interactions, we must think carefully about why, when, and how we get together. What is the greater purpose? When we’re not together, how do we maintain that all-important human connection? And how can our newfound geographic flexibility strengthen our focus on diversity and inclusion?

We may not have all the answers, but we’re not afraid to ask the questions. Together, we will rise to the occasion.

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